Sermorelin is a synthetic analog of natural GHRH, modified to reduce the length of the peptide chain to 29, in comparison to 44 which the natural hormone possesses. This was done since research had revealed that the first 29 amino acids are the most essential for eliciting the maximum growth hormone surge.

Sermorelin is believed to be approximately 400-500% as potent as endogenous GHRH, making it a great option for older individuals desirous of raising levels back to youthful levels or to alleviate the adverse effects that come with reduced production. It is highly sought by athletes looking to take advantage of endogenous GH production by maximizing pulsatile secretion.

Effects of Sermorelin

The effects of Sermorelin are those that you would expect of growth hormone itself, however , it is important to remember that it is not synthetic HGH, but rather a way to stimulate natural production. This makes it significantly safer than exogenous versions. Effects you can expect to see include:

Increased protein synthesis, supporting lean muscle accrual

Enhanced recovery and recuperation, helping to ease join pain, and improving healing of wounds. Immune system function is also boosted.

Enhanced lipolysis, via improved fatty acid utilization and recruitment, and suppressed glucose metabolism.

Other effects associated with general well-being, such as enhanced sleep quality and rejuvenation of skin are also commonly observed.

Sermorelin Pharmacology

In contrast to synthetic HGH which acts on the liver to increase IGF-1 production, Sermorelin’s actions are focused on the pituitary gland to increase production of natural growth hormone during its pulsatile release patterns.

It does not have a marked effect on ghrelin receptors or hunger though is still maintains a potency many times greater than endogenous GHRH.

Sermorelin Dosage

Sermorelin has a very short half-life regardless of its mode of administration, though it is most often administered subcutaneously. Daily dosages most often fall in the 300μg to 600μg range, administered 2-3 times daily.

If using primarily for its anti-aging effects, one administration prior to bed is usually sufficient to take advantage of its maximum natural pulse. It has a very short half-life of about 11 minutes, making it mandatory to inject multiple times daily to coincide with natural growth hormone pulses.

Possible Adverse Effects Of Sermorelin

Owing to its potency, the incidence of side effects is a bit greater that similar analogs, even though overall the frequency is not markedly high. These may include:

Disrupted Glucose Metabolism- the increased utilization of fatty acids for fuel alters glucose metabolism. This may cause secondary effects like dizziness or lightheadedness during the first week or so when administering Sermorelin.

Nausea And Vomiting

Localized Redness or Irritation at the injection site.

Endocrinological Disruption- including enhanced cortisol and prolactin secretion especially at the conclusion of therapy. Men with sensitivity to gynecomastia need to pay keen attention to this effect which may be amplified if used with easy aromatizable anabolic steroids.


Sermorelin is a favorite of athletes everywhere owing to its clear-cut delivery of benefits and its safety when compared to exogenous HGH. Combine with non-aromatizing anabolics for a massive increase in lean muscle weight and body recomposition off the charts.