Also known as IPT-141 or the brand name Bremelanotide, this peptide is an isomeric derivative of Melanotan-2 which acts primarily as an aphrodisiac, libido boosting and pro erectile peptide. It was discovered rather by chance, as many of the subjects using Melanotan-2 for tanning were found to have experienced side effects related to improved erectile potency. Collectively, they are both referred to as synthetic alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormones, as this is the peptide which they most closely mimic the actions of.

Effects of PT-141

PT – 141 is best suited to remedy erectile dysfunction originating in the brain. What this means is that neurotransmitter or hormone imbalances all play a part in regulating libido, and can have the net effect of diminishing erectile potency.

While it also supports healthy blood flow that contributes to erections, it is not specifically well-suited to enhance already good, or very poor circulation. Other classes of pro erectile drugs such as the PDE –5 inhibitors are much better suited for this indication.

PT-141 Pharmacology

Whereas Melanotan-2 stimulates both melanocyte one (MC1) and melanocyte four (MC4) receptors, PT – 141 is a specific agonist at the MC4 receptor, which coincides with improved erection strength.

In contrast to other approved treatments for erectile dysfunction, such as Viagra which inhibits a specific enzyme by the name of phosphodiesterase five [PDE – 5], much of PT – 141’s effects are neurological in nature and not clearly understood. However, what was found is that it activates several systems with the end goal of preventing ischemia, or restriction of blood flow to the extremities.

Impaired blood flow is a significant contributing factor to the development of erectile dysfunction regardless of underlying cause.

PT-141 Dosage

The exact dosage of PT – 141 has not been officially established, but based on anecdotal reports it can range from 0.5 mg to 2 mg. Its primary mode of administration is via the subcutaneous route, given 4 to 6 hours before anticipated sexual activity.

It can also be administered to both men and women, and is safe enough for multiple weekly dosing frequencies. It can also be combined with other established PDE – 5 inhibitors such as Viagra or Cialis for synergistic effects.

Possible Adverse Effects Of PT-141

Side effects from PT – 141 administration are generally mild, but many users report moderately severe nausea or vomiting from the first few injections. Possibility of high blood pressure occurring due to trans nasal administration has also be reported, necessitating the avoidance of using this route for administration.

Other minor adverse effects include localized soreness or irritation at the injection site, minimized by frequently switching injections sites.


PT – 141 is not your cookie-cutter pro erectile aid. Rather, it is best reserved for use in people that suffer from libido disturbances with a neurological competent, such as depression or dopamine desensitivity. In these individuals blood flow may be normal, but the neurological urge for procreation is not there. The utility of usage in both genders also makes it very helpful in treating female loss of libido, otherwise very difficult to address.