Melanotan 2

Melanotan II is an injectable peptide used primarily to promote skin tanning prior to a contest or otherwise when the need to darken the skin is necessary. It also possesses pro erectile properties, and even though it has undergone preliminary testing for approval of these uses, it is still considered off label at this time.

Effects Of Melanotan II

The effects of Melanotan II are simple and straightforward; to promote tanning of the skin. Its effects are considered relatively long-lasting, as it can take several months to a year or even more for the effects of darkened pigmentation to subside. Interestingly, Melanotan II administration can actually affect short-term “memory” of skin cells, as they may be tricked to produce higher amounts of melanin in response to the darkened pigmentation currently visible.

Melanotan II Pharmacology

Melanotan II delivers its actions by stimulating alpha melanocyte receptors, which in turn increase the production of melanin upon exposure to sun. Pharmacologically speaking, Melanotan II belongs to a class of compounds known as alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone mimetics.

Melanotan II is not a specific melanocyte receptor agonist, meaning that it activates different subtypes of this receptor. The melanocyte one (MC1) receptor is responsible for pigmentation and the tanning effects, while melanocyte four (MC4) receptor increases erectile potency. In contrast, the peptide PT-141 is a specific melanocyte four (MC4) receptor agonist, and is used primarily for its pro erectile effect.

Melanotan II Dosage

The dosage necessary to elicit the desired tanning effect is a cumulative one, meaning that once a specific amount has been administered effects usually manifest. For most people, this dose is between 10 to 40 mg, with lighter skinned individuals requiring the most. Daily dosages of between 0.25 mg – 2 mg daily, with a minimum of one week prior to the event is necessary for effects to manifest.

It is a much better idea, however, to start administration as early as one month before the need, in order to ensure you hit your cumulative requirements. Administration routes include intramuscular, intravenous or subcutaneously based on individual preference. The subcutaneous route remains one of the most convenient modes of administration.

If you use it for its pro erectile effects, dosages of between 0.5 mg to 1 mg are the norm, administered approximately 4 to 6 hours before anticipated sexual activity. Though not often used for this purpose, it can be amazing to experience potent erections that negate the effects of all other barriers, including fatigue.

Possible Adverse Effects Of Melanotan II

Adverse effects are typically rare, but may sometimes include appetite suppression, dizziness and lightheadedness. Occasionally, darkening of lighter colored hair may occur, as is the possibility of proliferation of moles on the skin with cancerous potential. This makes it very important to prequalify usage of this peptide. Isolated reports of priapism (erections lasting more than four hours) especially when combined with other pro-erectile medication such as the nitrates (Viagra, Cialis) have also occurred.


Melanotan II is now a necessary tool in many professional fitness athletes tanning arsenal, since topical spray tan products do not deliver the same magnitude of effect. The in frequency of usage (as little as one cycle per year) also makes it very attractive for amateur athletes who may only compete once or twice per year.