Hexarelin (Examorelin)

Hexarelin, sometimes known as Examorelin, is quite possibly the strongest of all GHRH peptides on the market, being more correctly classified as a GHSR, or growth hormone secretagogue receptor agonist, owing to the fact that it very potently activates the growth hormone/ghrelin receptor and in turn signals for massive secretion of growth hormone to ensue.

It is classified as a hexa peptide (as the name indicates), which is a peptide chain consisting of six amino acids. Unlike milder GHRH analogs, Hexarelin causes definite desensitization of growth hormone secretion, making it mandatory for cycle lengths to be kept to a particular length followed by a break, and subsequently restarting if desirous.

Effects Of Hexarelin

Hexarelin, being arguably the strongest synthetic GHRH analog on the planet, will deliver effects comparable to GH, but amplified significantly in many aspects. This makes it particularly interesting to athletes who are looking to improve performance, muscle mass or shed body fats at an exponential rate. HGH it always be the strongest of the lot, but in terms of an analog of GHRH, Hexarelin is the best.

When used during cutting phases, an athlete can experience significant body fat reduction over the course of eight weeks, while safeguarding their joints and positively boosting recovery rates. Positive nitrogen balance is maintained even in a caloric deficit, making the utility of Hexarelin indispensable.

It is often combined with anabolic steroids during a mass gaining phase as a synergistic combination of an androgen and growth hormone is far more effective than either alone. Glucose is preferentially shuttled into muscle cells where it is stored as glycogen, and can even help to offset the effect of neural damage experienced by strength athletes that are at risk of overtraining.

It can also help to heal structural defects within joints, and initiate repair to damaged muscles might have experienced in an injury.

Hexarelin Pharmacology

Hexarelin strongly stimulates the growth hormone/ghrelin receptor to initiate massive pulsatile release patterns of growth hormone, unmatched by other synthetic analogs. It also blunts the effects of somatostatin, but does not increase hunger like GHRP-6. This is a strange mechanism since strong stimulation of the receptor usually correlates to massively increase hunger as well.

Hexarelin Dosage

Owing to the potency of Hexarelin, cycling this peptide is mandatory. Cycle lengths are usually restricted to between 12 and 16 weeks at a time, with a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks off necessary before administering it again. Effects may be highly visible in as little as four weeks following the commencement of administration.

Interestingly, even though the primary route of administration of Hexarelin is subcutaneously, it can also be consumed orally or trans nasally, though the latter two routes of administration are less than ideal owing to the fact that absorption is very poor.

Subcutaneous injection is usually administered twice daily, for a total daily dose of between 100 to 400 µg.

Possible Adverse Effects Of Hexarelin

Side effects are higher when compared with other growth hormone secretagogues, and appears to be tied to its relative potency. Adverse effects may include:

Hypoglycemia – important to keep an eye on blood glucose levels for the first few weeks when using Hexarelin.

Gynecomastia – stimulates prolactin to a higher degree than other GHRH analogs

Increases cortisol production – not a problem on cycle, but may pose a slight issue in the weeks immediately following cessation of Hexarelin therapy.


Being the strongest of the synthetic GHRH class, Hexarelin is best taken advantage of by athletes for short durations of time, and is less than ideal when used for antiaging purposes. It can, however, be an exceptional way to initiate and accelerate recovery following a muscle or soft tissue injury.