CJC-1295 DAC

CJC1295Dac is a peptide analog of natural growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH), which mimics its actions but at a more efficient rate. It is important to make the distinction between CJC1295Dac and CJC1295 without Dac (better known as Mod GRF 1-29, as they are two different peptide compounds completely, even though their names may seem similar. Dac refers to “drug affinity complex”, and is what is responsible for its different pharmacokinetic parameters, especially with regards to its prolonged duration of action.

It is important to realize that CJC1295Dac and other GHRHs do not initiate a pulsatile spike of growth hormone release but rather amplifies the magnitude of the spike produced naturally or via GHRPs.

It has a very long duration of action (average of one week) making it less suitable if you are trying to take advantage of every single growth hormone pulse, but a great option for people that prefer infrequent injections.

Effects of CJC1295Dac

The effects of CJC1295Dac are not independent of, but rather depend on natural growth hormone to manifest. These include increased muscle mass, accelerated recovery and recuperation, fat loss and enhanced metabolic profile.

Glucose utilization is also suppressed under the influence of CJC1295Dac, and natural growth hormone spikes are amplified up to a factor of 10 (normally between a factor of two to ten)                                             

CJC1295Dac Pharmacology

CJC1295Dac Enhances the natural release of growth hormone on an ongoing basis, being best suited for individuals not using any other hormone -related peptide. Even though it may be combined with GHRPs, it is less than ideal owing to the fact that there is very little free CJC1295Dac in circulation at any one time.

Combining CJC1295Dac with exogenous HGH is unlikely to be of any benefits since synthetic HGH suppresses natural production and in turn eliminates any advantage of a natural spike. Downstream effects include increased IGF-I production in the liver and other tissues, enhanced fat loss, metabolic rate and stimulation of protein synthesis at the level of RNA.

CJC1295Dac Dosage

CJC1295Dac may be administered intramuscularly, subcutaneously or intravenously, depending on your preference. The long half-life of this peptide means that administration 1 to 2 times weekly is more than enough, usually at a dose of 1000 µg per session. Intramuscular injections appear to be the most effective mode of administration owing to its long half-life.

CJC1295Dac is typically supplied in very small vials owing to the fact that reconstituted powders need to be tossed after being refrigerated for four weeks upon opening, and larger sized vials cause unnecessary wastage.

Possible Adverse Effects Of CJC1295Dac

Side effects associated with CJC1295Dac usage are considered rare, and they’re more likely to manifest if combined with other exogenous HGH preparations or GHRPs. Occasionally, disrupted carbohydrate metabolism, water retention around joints or nerve compression may occur.


While CJC1295Dac is not the best GHRH peptide analog on the market, it still helps deliver stellar results to athletes looking to support recovery, improve body composition or for general antiaging and health benefits. Best of all, it is not necessary to cycle CJC1295Dac when used at frequencies and at the dosage recommended, as it is not suppressive of natural growth hormone production in any way.