BPC 157 is an interesting peptide-based compound, naturally produced by the gut in small amounts, consisting of a 15 amino acid chain sequence. BPC is an abbreviation for “Body Protecting Compound”, and gives insight about what this peptide does.

Within the gut itself, it helps to support recovery and protects the stomach walls from the effects of hydrochloric acid found there, acting as an important balance to H.Pylori bacteria residing there (and implicated in the development of gastric ulcers and stomach cancer).

Effects of BPC 157

BPC 157 is not an anabolic peptide in the sense that it does not actively promote hypertrophy, but it still does possess anabolic properties as it assists with “building” of damaged structures within the body. It is highly sought after for these effects:

Repairs NSAID Damage- NSAID painkiller abuse is popular amongst athletes, who may cause irreparable (almost) damage to their bodies and gastrointestinal tract. BPC 157 has been heralded as the only NSAID Antidote, as it can reverse the sometimes irreversible inhibition of the COX enzyme system caused by these medications.

Reverses Catabolic Damage By Corticosteroids On Muscle Tissue- this is major, as the effects of cortisol and other corticosteroids are in direct contrast to that of testosterone, promoting muscle breakdown and inhibiting a state of positive nitrogen balance. After a period of just 14 days, oral administration of BPC 157 much of the associated adverse effects was ameliorated.

It possesses a potent anti-inflammatory effect, overall.

Supports Rapid Healing of Tendons and Ligaments- connective tissue such as tendons and ligaments are often the first to suffer from tears or damage, especially while on cycles of AAS as these androgens highly bias the growth of muscle tissue over connective types. This imbalance places immense strain on the supporting tissue which oftentimes becomes torn. BPC 157 can help promote regrowth and recruitment or proto-cells necessary for differentiation into these structural types.

Promote Rapid Bone Healing- heals fractures and prevents structural deformities from occurring.

BPC 157 Pharmacology

BPC 157 acts via several mechanisms, such as from interaction with nitric oxide medicated systems to promote vascular healing, to genetic signaling in order to increase synthesis of the structural protein collagen to help hasten healing of joints, the stomach wall lining or wherever else it may be needed.

BPC 157 Dosage

The exact dosage of BPC 157 that needs to be administered daily should be based on body weight, ranging from 1-10micrograms per kilogram of weight. If this is your first time using BPC 157, it is advisable to start on the lower end of the spectrum, and splitting the dose into 2 intervals daily. Most people dose in the vicinity of 200-700 micrograms daily, though it is not unheard of for doses to exceed 1000micrograms.

As for dosage route, it can be administered subcutaneously, intramuscularly or even orally by spraying in the mouth and allowing some sublingual absorption before swallowing. It is stable in gastric pH as it is naturally produced within the gut.

Possible Adverse Effects Of BPC 157

Interestingly, reports of side effects are virtually non-existent. However, localized irritation at injection sites is a possibility via subcutaneous administration.


BPC 157 is one of the safest peptides out there specially geared at helping your body recover. It can also be combined with other peptides such as growth hormone analogs to further enhance recuperative potential and allow a fast return to sports disciplines.